Slim seat Carpet set Seat Dog Covers


Machine Washable
Can be vacuumed

The Ultimate Pet Seat Covers For Compact Car Protection.

Ideal for compact cars, our pet seat covers offer a practical solution to protect your vehicle’s seats while accommodating your dog’s comfort. 

Crafted from high-quality materials, our covers are not just functional; they’re designed to integrate seamlessly with your vehicle’s interior, ensuring your seats stay clean and stylish despite the furry companionship.



    Why You and Your Pets Will Love It?

    • Ultimate Vehicle Seat Protection: Safeguard your back seats against pet hair, scratches, and stains with our dedicated seat covers. Designed to help keep your car’s interior in pristine condition.
    • Comfort for Your Furry Friends: Beyond protection, these covers provide a soft and inviting surface for your pets, aiding their comfort throughout the journey.
    • Adaptability: Our back seat car covers for dogs offer versatility, fitting a wide range of compact car models with ease. Its machine washable feature ensures easy cleaning, keeping your car hygienic and fresh.

    Key Features:

    • Product Dimensions: 
      • For the 2 car seat carpets: 55.1 inches (width) x 22.4 inches (height) each.
      • For the 1 slim seat carpet: 13.0 inches (width) x 55.1 inches (length). ​
    • Easy to Use: Designed for convenience, these compact backseat car cover sets can be effortlessly installed or removed, making them perfect for pet owners on the go.
    • Machine Washable: These covers are machine washable, ensuring your vehicle remains hygienic and fresh, no matter where your adventures take you.

    Additional information

    Weight 6.6 lbs