Dog Runner Country Walk Muddy Paws Rug


Perfect for cats too!
Machine Washable
Can be vacuumed

Keep Your Floors Clean With Our Dog Rug Runner.

Our muddy paws rug is the ideal solution for pet owners looking to protect their floors from the inevitable dirt and moisture that comes with having dogs and cats. Available in versatile Black and Gray options, this rug blends seamlessly with any home decor while providing the functionality needed to tackle muddy paws and more.

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Why You, Your Dog And Even Your Cat Will Love It?

  • Effective Dirt and Moisture Absorption: Designed with an absorbent pile, our muddy paws rug helps capture the worst of the muck and moisture from your pet’s paws, reducing the spread of dirt throughout your home.
  • Slip-Resistant for Safety: Equipped with a non-slip backing, to help this rug stay in place, ensuring safe entry for your pets into the house and preventing the rug from sliding around.
  • Stylish and Practical Design: The Black/Gray color options not only look great but are also practical for hiding dirt and stains, keeping your space looking cleaner.
  • Maintains Shape and Position: Rounded corners contribute to the rug’s aesthetic while also helping it to stay flat, avoiding trips and falls.

Key Features:

  • Absorbent: Helps catch and hold most of the dirt and moisture from muddy paws, helping to keep your floors clean and dry.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect as a dog rug runner or a general pet mat, it’s ideal for placing in high-traffic areas where your pets frequently enter and exit the house.
  • Machine Washable: Simple to clean and designed to maintain its shape and effectiveness over time.
  • Product Dimensions: 17.72 x 59.06 inches. ​

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Weight 2.2 lbs

Gray, Black