Trunkmate Dog Cargo Mat


Machine Washable
Can be vacuumed

Discover the Ultimate Cargo Mat Solution for Pet Owners.

Our dog cargo mat is the perfect accessory for keeping your vehicle’s cargo space free from pet hair and muddy paws. Designed for durability and ease of cleaning, it offers an exceptional combination of protection and comfort for you and your pet’s travel needs.

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Why You and Your Dog Will Love It?

  • Universal Compatibility: Our pet cargo mat is meticulously designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, effortlessly adapting to your car’s trunk space for all-encompassing protection.
  • Supreme Comfort for Your Furry Friend: Made with a premium, soft pile, our car trunk mat provides a snug and serene journey for your pet.
  • Versatility: Our cargo mat is non-slip and also ideal for dog kennels and cages. 
  • Machine Washable: Our cargo mat is fully machine-washable.

Key Features:

  • Ultimate Protection for Your Car: Designed to shield your vehicle’s cargo area from hair, dirt, and moisture, our cargo mat is the ideal solution for maintaining a clean and pristine boot space.
  • Comfort-First Design: With its soft pile, this pet cargo mat offers unparalleled comfort for your pet, making it the perfect accessory for stress-free and enjoyable travels.
  • Product Dimensions: 26.38 x 39.37 inches.
  • Colour: Grey and Black.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs

Victorian Tile, Black, Tartan